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What is Valtrex used for?

Valtrex (generic name valacyclovir) is used for the treatment of the herpes virus. It is unlikely to work for any other kinds of infections besides viral ones. It is also not going to cure the herpes infection, rather than help you get in under control. The following infections can be treated with valacyclovir if you use the medicine just as prescribed: shingles, genital herpes, chickenpox, and cold sores.

Before you start using Valtrex

Before taking your first dose of Valtrex, it's recommended to talk to your health care provider about all the aspects of it. Your doctor will need to know if you have any of the following conditions likely to affect the success of your treatment in some way: kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, a history of kidney or bone marrow transplant, and a weak immune system. In some of those cases, you may need a dose adjustment or additional monitoring of your conditions.

Valacyclovir treatment

It's important to start the treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of the infection, such as burning and tingling under the skin. Each dose of valacyclovir must be taken with a full glass of water to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly. You can take it with some food or without, but always in the same way. It's important for the success of the treatment to keep taking valacyclovir even if you feel fine and the virus seems contained. It's common for the symptoms to get better before they have been treated completely.

Other important information about valacyclovir

Although valacyclovir helps to keep the virus under control, it will not stop the spread of the genital herpes. This means, you can pass the herpes infection to other people even while you are using Valtrex. Make sure you use protection when having sex or ask your partner to use something to avoid passing the virus. Do not use valacyclovir until you have discussed this with a qualified health care professional to make sure all the individual factors have been taken into consideration and your treatment will be both safe and efficient.

Safety of valacyclovir for unborn babies

Valtrex has been classified as FDA pregnancy category B, which means it is unlikely to cause harm to an unborn child. However, it is not known for sure whether valacyclovir can pass into breast milk. It should therefore be used with caution in women that are breastfeeding. If you think you may have become pregnant while on this medicine, you can carry on with the treatment, but tell your doctor about it anyway to see if any changes are to be made, order valacyclovir without prescription.

Possible drug interactions with Valtrex

Some effects of valacyclovir may be increased if it's used with other drugs, which is especially dangerous if you are planning on taking any medications that may be harmful to the kidneys, purchase valacyclovir online no prescription. Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting the treatment and report any drugs that can interact with valacyclovir, order valtrex tablets. Valtrex can be harmful to the kidneys, and these effects are increased when it is used together with other medicines that can harm the kidneys, purchase valtrex online canada uk. Before taking Valtrex, tell your doctor if you are also using methotrexate, IV antibiotics, ulcerative colitis, cancer medicine, lithium, pain or arthritis medicines, or any antiviral medicines, buy valtrex cheap without prescription.

Missing a dose

If you happened to miss a dose of valacyclovir, make sure you take it as soon as possible, buy valtrex generic no prescription uk. It's generally not a problem if you miss one dose or two, but forgetting about your treatment schedule all the time can render the treatment less efficient or completely inefficient, where to buy valtrex online without prescription australian.