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What kind of drug is tetracycline?

Tetracycline is one of most popularly prescribed antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections. As the previous statement suggest, it is not supposed to be used for fungal or viral infections, as it is not likely to be efficient for them. Always make sure you have all the necessary tests done to be certain about taking tetracycline. Your doctor may prescribe this medicine for the treatment of chlamydia, acne, gonorrhea, and certain urinary tract infections, as well as some other ones. Your doctor may also recommend combining it with some other drugs for maximum efficiency.

Before taking tetracycline

Your doctor needs to know if you have kidney or liver disease, as those factors can affect the success of your treatment unless the dose is properly adjusted. You are not supposed to start the treatment if you are allergic to tetracycline or any other antibiotics for the same group. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist for additional information.

Important information about tetracycline

You need to be aware of the fact tetracycline can make birth control pills less efficient, that way increasing the risk of a pregnancy. Before you start taking tetracycline, make sure you take care of an additional method of birth control, even if you are already using some hormonal pills. Tetracycline should not be given to children younger than 8, as this may lead to the permanent teeth yellowing or graying. This medicine can increase the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight, that way making a sun burn more probable. Avoid direct sun exposure or wear protective clothes if you have to stay outside in sunny weather.

Storing tetracycline

Throw away your tetracycline when it expires, as using it after this time can be dangerous and will certainly not bring the result you are hoping for. Store this medicine in some place dry and cool, where it will not be accessed by people to whom it was not prescribed.

Can tetracycline be used by pregnant women?

Pregnant women must never be using tetracycline, as it can cause harm to an unborn child and lead to permanent teeth discoloration. It is also known to pass into breast milk and affect the heath and wellbeing of a nursing infant.

Does tetracycline interact with other drugs?

Tetracycline can interact with any for the following medications you may be taking at the moment: cholesterol-lowering medications, vitamin, tretinoin, zinc, antacids, magnesium, calcium, bismuth subsalicylate containing products, iron, blood thinners, isotretinoin, mineral supplements, and penicillin antibiotics.

Taking tetracycline right

Taking tetracycline and just as prescribed by your doctor is important to ensure the success of you treatment and benefit from it as much as possible, Missing doses may affect the success of your treatment, so make sure you remember to take the dose every time you need to. If you happened to skip your dose of tetracycline anyway, take it as soon as possible. If you need to take the next dose soon, you can skip the one you missed and go back to the regular schedule of taking tetracycline. It's very important for the success of you treatment to take the entire amount of tetracycline you have been prescribed. Stopping the treatment too early (even if your symptoms improve significantly after just a few days) may cause a relapse of infection, and it will be a lot harder to treat then,.