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What is Ali used for?

Alli (generic name orlistat) is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor that can be used for the treatment of adults suffering from obesity. Obesity management is an important part of a new lifestyle such people decide to start, as it allows getting rid for the extra weight and maintain it later on. Alli is supposed to be used only by those with obesity that did not respond to other methods of treatment, such as dieting and exercising. However, taking Alli alone will not help you get rid of obesity. You will need to exercise regularly and eat right for the weight to be lost and your body mass to return to normal. Your doctor will help you determine the most efficient exercise routine and diet plan that you will have to follow. Otherwise, you may not lose as mush of your weight as you expect.

Who may not be able to use Alli?

You are not supposed to use Alli if you are allergic to orlistat or are not overweight. Your doctor will also need to know if there are any medical conditions that may affect the success of your treatment by interfering with the effects of Alli. Please make sure you tell your health care provider about any of the following conditions you have: a history of gallbladder problems, thyroid problems or a history of them, diabetes, kidney stones, and pregnancy.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take Alli?

Alli may be harmful to an unborn child, and there is a risk it may pass into breast milk. You should not start the treatment if you are pregnant of breastfeeding before discussing everything with a qualified health care professional. A qualified doctor will be able to help you determine whether the benefits in your case outweigh potential risks, and whether taking Alli is a good idea for you. There may be other alternatives.

Does Alli interact with other drugs?

Just like most other treatments, Alli is known to interact with quite a few medications you may be using. Therefore, you will need to tell your health care provider about any medications you are using at the moment, including but not limited to: anticoagulants, amiodarone, cyclosporine, and thyroid hormones. This list is not complete; there may be other drugs likely to interact with Alli. If you have to be taking thyroid hormones, at least 4 hours are supposed to pass after your dose of Alli or before it. If there are any other medications you need to be taking at the same time, ask your health care provider about the right way to combine them.

How is Alli supposed to be taken?

You are supposed to take Alli with every meal that contains some fat. You will also need to distribute the consumption of fat between the three daily meals to make sure there is some every time you eat, where can i buy orlistat online no prescription. If your meal does not contain any fat, you can skip your dose of Alli, where to buy alli online cheap. In case of a missed meal, also skip the dose of Alli you were supposed to take, where can i buy weight loss drugs.

Missed dose of Alli

In case you happened to miss your regular dose of Alli, make sure you take it as soon as possible, where to buy buy weight loss pills. If the two doses are too close in time together, it's best to skip the dose you missed and go back to the regular schedule, buy diet pills online. However, there is no need to take your dose of Alli if your meal did not contain any fat, buy alli canada uk.

How long will I need to take Alli?

The length of your treatment depends on the individual response of your body to the medicine, orlistat buy alli online cheap ireland. Alli must be taken for several weeks for the results to be seen, buy alli for cheap australia. Do not take Alli longer than prescribed or stop using it without your doctor's recommendation, as otherwise you may not achieve the result desired, cheapest place to alli for sale uk.

Additional information about Alli

Your health care provider will most probably recommend taking multivitamins every day to compensate for the treatment, where can i buy alli for cheap uk orlistat. You will need to ask any questions you have while talking to your doctor about the treatment, as otherwise you may not benefit from it as much as you otherwise could, where to buy alli for weight loss.